What We Do


How Weddings & Events Video Got Started

Weddings & Events Video started in February 2007 when Mike Keune, the owner, was shooting his daughter’s friends at an ice skating competition. He made DVDs for their families and the next thing he knew, people were asking him to come and video different events.

Keune self taught how to shoot and edit video production. In January 2010 he opted to take a 40 hour editing class at channel 9, our local PBS station. Since then, things have taken off. Weddings & Events Video started to get inquires from all around asking to film dance recitals, ice skating competitions, family reunions, birthday parties, sporting events, including working with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, and of course weddings.


We’ve simplified everything.

Video production for your organization, or your special event doesn’t have to be complicated and it shouldn’t be, but we do need a few details before we can get started.

How You Can Get Started

    • What kind of video do you need?

Please take a look at our work & see what types of events we specialize in for ideas, or tell us what your goals are & the event you have in mind for filming when contacting us.

    • What’s your budget?

By simply providing a budget, we can eliminate work, move faster, and optimize your spend to give you the most value for your money on the special event day.
Weddings Events & Video never sacrifices on the overall quality of the video— but spending more time and resources on a video will generally increase the overall value of your production which is why we have set the Priced Packages how they are, to give you the best quality video & production for your overall spend.

    • Okay, Now What?

If you would like Weddings & Events Video to show up and film a speech, event such as wedding, graduation or something with minimal editing, then please call us to set up a consultation or contact us by filling out our online form.